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Ses réalisations dans les milieux commerciaux, pour des entreprises reconnues telles La Fédération des Coop du Québec, McDonald’s, TQS, La Capitale (« La Capitale vendue,  », c’est lui), La Presse, Bell Express Vue, Labatt, Canadian Tire, Radio-Canada, Pétro-Canada, FX Cartel, Spectra, Tribal Nova etc...

Benefiting from a solid, hands-on experience in songwriting & music for jingles (La Capitale, Bell  ExpressVu, Labatt Breweries, Canadian Tire, La Presse, Tribal Nova, etc.), his abilities are best put to use in the development of a global signature for each project, that is, from the original concept to the delivery of master tracks tailor-made for an artist or a production company.

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